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Human Resource Development

Education System Operation in Enchem

Education by tier FRAME WORK

New employee

Basic education

Understanding of organization


Junior manager education
(Junior to Manage)

Understanding of organization, Organizational culture

Relationship management leadership

Project management


Intermediate manager education
(Senior manager ~ General manager)

Organization management

Conflict management

Cooperation/ Communication/ Coaching/ Leadership

Senior manager education

Performance management/Employee growth leadership

Establishment of strategy

Establishment of business plan

Education of common competence

Creative problem solving/ Development of ability to think to yield outcomes/ Communication skill

Development and preparation of report/ Report preparation practice/ Presentation skill

Prevention and management of stress/ Smart self-management & Business management

OA(Excel, PPT, Word)

Competence development

Assistant (perform the business within team)

Person in charge (how to work & specialty)

Expert (establish plan and draw business performance/ Cooperation)

Job competence education

Perform the job competence education 2 ~ 4 time a year(numbers vary by rank)

New employee/ Junior manager

Receive the education related to his/her own job 4 time a year

⇒ Intensive business course (purchase/ production/ personnel management/Quality/ Logistics/ Environment and safety/ Institute)

Intermediate/ senior manager

Receive the education related to his/her own job twice a year

⇒ Budge/ Business management/PM/ Job management/ Establishment of strategy

Class/ Common/ Customized education

Introductory education for career employee

Development of promoted employee competence

Development of core talent competence

General manager/ Plant manager fostering program

reinforce global competence (foreign language education)

Organizational culture and team building

Mandatory essential education

Industrial safety education

Document preparation skill

Weekly/Monthly special invitation lecture, etc

Customized business owner refund education

Personnel education

Enchem seeks performance- and competence-oriented evaluation and motivates the members by providing the reasonable compensation with fair evaluation around various criteria such as expertise, basic refinement, self-improvement, etc. regardless age, gender and origin. Evaluation is made regularly once a year. Regular and irregular evaluation is performed evaluating by classifying into performance evaluation and competence evaluation.


We evaluate the members by analyzing objectively according to the value that contributes to the organization and individual competence.


We evaluate the knowledge, experience and competence required for member to solve the problems in expertise.


We evaluate if the member would faithfully exercise the rights and perform the duty conformed to the trust according to the vision and values of the company.

Self Improvement

We evaluate the results of self-improvement that the member sticks to self-improvement according to the management philosophy of the company, which pursues continuous growth.